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Opening job:
Marketing Assistant (Remote)

Dear Applicant;

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Job offer description:

  1. You will market for us with your social accounts, face-to-face conversation ability, or any other way you can connect with people.
  2. We need customers who want a website for their business or personal activities. I have come up with some examples: Restaurants, GYMs, Properties, Stores, Companies, Spas, Hotels, Agencies, and all types of business will be covered since having a website is a must-do for everyone.
  3. We have three packages with special prices you can offer customers, starting from 1999AED or 550$, with many fans. Because in comparison with other competitors’ price, it is at least 50% less. 
  4. Refer a customer who orders any of our services. YOU WILL GET 20% COMMISSION of the total price (vat excluded).
  5. There is no necessity to be in the company place. 
  6. This job would be commission-based, so there is no fixed monthly, weekly, or daily income, consider this matter.
  7. As your tools, we will provide the required material ( pdf profile, samples, ready texts, website, and useful links).
  8. You should be creative to absorb new customers; this is important.