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QR Code https://sfuae.co/?officeletters=sf-2022-0823

Date: 2022-08-16

Number: SF-2022-0823

To: Elite Emirates

Subject: Website Analyze result

Dear Aouari,

According to our conversation, we provide this analysis/proposal exclusively for you and this is not a ready template same like other companies—no need to mention that what we offered herewith is extracted from our experience and knowledge. So, kindly let me request that you do not present this proposal to other designers or competitors. Many thanks in advance for considering my request.


Undoubtedly, having a formative website is one of the best ways to attract new customers and maintain old ones. But owners should note that only the content is not enough; a delicate design can display the content nicely.

The website under review [www.EliteEmirates.com] has acceptable content, while its design is in dire need of improvement.

In the following, we will examine the weaknesses and strengths in different sections. Then, we will propose what we will do to convert Brilliant Solutions into a more fabulous one.


  1. Having a simple website is better than not having that!!; as I told you in the voice message.
  2. Essential Pages; Home page, Services, and Contact are implemented
  3. Mentioning Mobile and email; is accessible in the header part
  4. Categorizing; four main Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, and Media Law exist.



Critical issues

  • Missing SSL certificate; This is the most important item for website trust and security
  • Non-responsive website; this website is not working correctly with Mobile, tablets, and laptops.
  • Loading speed: according to the below pictures you can find how much your website speed is low


The whole image issues

There is just one huge and un-edited picture as the background. The possible impact will be site load time speed which is completely obvious. We will optimize them all by using adobe photoshop, illustrator, and other pro WordPress plugins.



The used font on this website is “Poppins” which is so outlandish. Fonts in the whole website should change to new modern fonts like “Dubai, ubuntu, Open Sans”; the modern and new ones.



Due to using a ready template, some code lines are reducing the website’s performance. We will design a complete exclusive template for you.



Home page Missing parts

  1. Search box: We need to use a productive search tool with the ability to search among all contents.
  2. Lack of related pages: All pages need to point to one page; SERVICES since this page will make money for you!!! We need to create a separate page for each service
  3. Lack of FAQ section: one critical section that is needed in the website for companies like you:

Contact us page

  1. Lack of a direct WhatsApp button: apart from a floating WhatsApp button within the website, it is mandatory to have a separate one on the contact us page.
  2. Also, all of these items should be created and get CLICKABLE:

About us page

This page is your company identity, so I suggest using actual photos of the office, CEO, agents, etcetera, since this would be helpful to attract visitors’ trust. However, this page content is acceptable; it is needed to redesign the page fundamentally.

Missing Blog page

This page could efficiently affect future SEO only if you keep that up-to-date! We need to create and keep it updated as other website parts.

Something like this:


What We Will Do for Elite Emirate:

In our advertisement materials, we always mention that Spring Future will turn your website into a new modern look. So, let’s do it on yours!

1.      Re-Design the whole website:

  • Redesign the whole website, including all pages and sections
  • Your design will be ultimately exclusive, so there won’t be any ready template.
  • Entire responsive design: your website will appropriately work with all types of screens (mobile, PC, Laptop, tablet)
  • All necessary interactive buttons in proper positions (WhatsApp, direct phone call, Google map direction, etcetera)
  • Turn the main page into a remarkable landing page with different sections (header, slider, products section, about, footer, etcetera)
  • We will work on all your photos in adobe photoshop and improve them.
  • Finally, let us explain more features in a meeting with all of our honor.


2.      Publish a new Blog post (affect future SEO):

You will provide me with several keywords like “legal services, Laws, Commercial laws, etcetera. “Then we find related content on the internet and put it on the blog page. Consider this as a mandatory item for your future. We will create any number you want, from one per month to 100 or even more! We can make an agreement on how you want to make it.

3.      Website images:

  1. All pictures will be edited in photoshop


  1. Optimize the size of images
  2. Place your logo on images
  3. Place watermark on images
  4. Put social media ID on images
  5. Put a phone number on images


  1. Put website link on images


4.      Social media management story and post designing:

  • We design one post and publish it on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn or provide the file to your marketing team depending on your decision (no difference in cost).
  • All posts will be designed and edited in photoshop with your logo, watermark, site, and mobile number
    • Post: 2-3 per week (suggestion)
    • Story: Every or every other day (suggestion)
    • Highlight Cover: Based on your requirement we will create
    • Two designs: Like the below samples, we will provide you with two different designs that you can choose between them also you can change them.

5.      Graphic design services:

  • Company pdf Profile
  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Catalog
  • Social media banners
  • Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope
  • WhatsApp stickers
  • Advertising stand
  • Outdoor banner
  • etcetera


6.      Video production:

The essential item in preparing a video is the time of getting that ready. Thanks to the close distance between our offices, we can start with a free project for the first video. If the project satisfied you, we could also agree on that.

7.      Final word:

In Spring Future, we have more than 15 years of experience. During this long way, we learned that nothing could keep you in the marketplace but your responsibility and quality. We will try our best to deliver these two critical items within a reasonable and rapid time-taking period.

Best Regards,

Alec Asgari, CEO