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From Form to Treatment: How We Supercharged HIFU Leads with Make.com (And Google Ads!)


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Beauty clinic lead automation: Beauty clinics know that fast lead follow-up is crucial, especially for services like HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound). But between managing appointments, treatments, and marketing, things can slip through the cracks. That’s why we turned to Make.com – the automation tool that’s now our secret weapon for turning HIFU leads into happy clients.

The HIFU Campaign: Our Starting Point

HIFU is a popular skin tightening treatment, and we were running a targeted Google Ads campaign to bring in potential clients. We used Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 to track every form submission and make sure our ads were hitting the mark.

The Problem: Slow Lead Response

Our website had a contact form built with Elementor, and while leads were coming in, our response time wasn’t ideal. We needed a way to instantly alert our technicians whenever someone showed interest in HIFU.

Make.com to the Rescue: Our Automation Superhero

Here’s where Make.com swooped in:

  1. The Trigger: When someone filled out the Elementor form, Make.com sprung into action.
  2. The Alert: An instant notification was sent to a dedicated Slack channel used by our clinic’s technicians. This message included the lead’s contact info and what they were interested in.
  3. The Follow-Up: Make.com also automatically added the lead’s contact info to our Google Contacts, which is synced with the clinic’s tablets.

The Results: Faster, Happier Clients (Beauty clinic lead automation)

With Make.com, our lead response time went from hours to minutes. Our technicians could prioritize HIFU inquiries, leading to:

  • More Bookings: Hot leads got the attention they deserved, resulting in more HIFU appointments.
  • Happier Clients: Prompt responses made clients feel valued and increased their confidence in our clinic.
  • Teamwork: Our marketing and treatment teams were finally in sync, working together seamlessly.

Beyond HIFU: Make.com’s Potential

Make.com isn’t just for HIFU. We’re already exploring ways to automate appointment reminders, follow-up messages, and even inventory management. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to Automate Your Clinic?

If you’re a beauty clinic looking to speed up your lead response and boost bookings, we highly recommend checking out Make.com. And if you need a hand setting up the perfect automation, we’re here to help!

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